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The Compelling Business Case for Service Desk Automation

The modern service desk is stuck in a permanent state of chaos. It can take hours or days to remediate even a simple problem because too many tasks rely on manual processes, leading to a surge in unresolved tickets. Meanwhile, the end user experience is gradually deteriorating as their expectations for instant remediation go unfulfilled.

But there are ways to reduce service desk workloads – and it all starts with automation.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll walk you through how to present a strong business case for service desk automation through a role-play. You’ll:

  • Learn how to effectively put forward a business case for automation
  • Gain insight into the business need for automation based on applicable use cases
  • Understand how to accurately detect where automation would be beneficial in your IT organization


Jason Keogh
Jason Keogh
Corporate Account Director, 1E

Jason has more than 25 years' experience in helping global organizations better manage their technology. He’s an ITAM award winner, ISO standards editor and well-respected international IT conference speaker.

Sean Mee
Sean Mee
Director of Technical Sales, 1E

Sean has extensive experience in international IT project delivery and served 13 years as Captain in the Irish military. He is widely recognized as a trusted technology advisor and executive solutions architect.