Have you heard the news? Seen the Press Release? Read the latest blog? Fear not! We've got you covered. Hot off the shelf is our latest release of Tachyon and we're here to tell you all about it!

A quick Google search on the average number of endpoints an organization has will quickly steer the request toward endpoint security vulnerabilities. While this is one area of consideration, end users also deserve to have a great digital experience at the same time their endpoint is performant and safe. Complete device visibility is therefore paramount as the majority of organizations will have thousands of endpoints under their management and knowing where to start remediating is half the battle.

Join us on Thursday, the 20th of May, as Michael Wright, Director of Product Marketing and Adrian Todd, Senior Product Manager for Tachyon, help us explore in greater detail:

  • What’s now possible in the Tachyon 5.2 release
  • Insight into current industry challenges surrounding the breakdown in employee digital experience
  • How Tachyon makes everyone’s lives easier from a single dashboard experience

Not free at that time? Register for the live event anyway and we’ll send you the recording link afterwards.


Michael Wright
Michael Wright
Director of Product Marketing, 1E
Adrian Todd
Adrian Todd
Senior Product Manager, 1E

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