DEM in 20 - That Crashy App

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np_monthly-calendar_1814995_000000 Wednesday, May 19th clock 11 AM ET | 4 PM GMT

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Join Michael and Alex on Episode 2 of DEM in 20: The Crashy app.

In this episode we’re talking about apps that never seem to work correctly for everyone. An instance can work just fine for one user but constantly crashes for another, even when they are using the same model laptop.

You’ve tried everything to resolve this, restarts, re-installs, and upgrades, nothing has worked. The user’s frustrated, you’re frustrated, and huge amounts of time has been lost to this crashy app.

Tune in to see Alex, Michael and special guest Michael Mott discuss how to hunt down the root cause of a crash, fix it, and ensure no one else experiences the same issue in the future. All in just 20 minutes.


Alexander Adams
Product Manager, 1E
Michael Wright
Michael Wright
Director of Product Marketing, 1E