1E for Microsoft Intune 

The real-time visibility and granular control you need to achieve your goals and take full advantage of the power of Microsoft Intune.  


1E for Microsoft Intune is a value-add solution that enhances the power of Microsoft Intune by providing lightweight, always-on communication and real-time actions that empower IT organizations to achieve efficient, granular control of their deployments.  

By complementing the capabilities of Microsoft Intune, 1E ensures client health and gives IT teams the control they need to maintain a standardized baseline, rapidly respond to critical issues, and improve overall compliance.

With 1E for Microsoft Intune, organizations can: 

  • Respond to critical issues in real-time
  • Efficiently target of deployments to specific groups
  • Maintain a standardized baseline
  • Improve client health and syncing
  • Increase security and reduce risk

The solution provides real-time visibility and assurance of successful updates, giving IT teams the control they need to achieve their goals. 

Overall, 1E for Microsoft Intune adds significant value to Microsoft Intune by addressing the challenges of large-scale, complex IT environments and empowering organizations to take full advantage of the power of Microsoft Intune. 

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